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Meet Dr.Ships

Dr. Jessica Ships received her Bachelor’s degree in Medical and Molecular Biology at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and continued her dreams at New England College of Optometry in Boston, where she received her Doctorate in Optometry in May 2022 with Clinical Honors. Dr. Ships went on to complete a residency in Pediatrics and Vision Rehabilitation in 2022 from PressVision at Family Eyecare Associates with Dr. Laura Knapp in Fair Lawn, NJ.


From the start of optometry school, Dr. Ships had a growing passion for pediatric care, vision therapy, and neuro-rehabilitation for all ages.  During her residency she specialized in helping to correct those with eye coordination difficulties, learning-related vision disorders, myopia control and specialty contact lenses, while still seeing primary care patients. Some vision disorders include problems with focusing, eye tracking, eye coordination, visual information processing, strabismus, amblyopia, as well as vision problems that result from concussion and traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Ships’ passion is to assist in both pediatric and adult optometric care, especially for those with all types of special needs, including those on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Ships also dedicates her time as the Optometry Provider at Peppas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children located in Canton, MA. She evaluates and treats children age 7 to 22 with complex physical and medical needs. 


In her spare time, she enjoys exercising, being creative, exploring, and spending time with her family in Long Island, NY, and Boston, MA.

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